Tuesday 31 October 2017


At Blenheim Primary school, they have ASPIRE values.  Each letter stands for a word to aspire too.  Achievement, Support, Perseverance, Independence, Respect, Enthusiasm.
This term, Support is key and the other week when I took Cassandra to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, she adopted a neglected horse called Spirit. She received a photo of Spirit, some info on him and what Hopefield do etc etc.
On Sunday, I took, Mum, Alex and Cassie to Hopefield for their Halloween event which was actually very good and despite his protests, Alex enjoyed himself too...Biscuit decorating, painting, raffles, tombolas and other craft made for a lovely afternoon.

Mum even made friends with the driver of the spooky bus...

So yesterday, first day back at school, Cassie took her photo and paperwork into school to tell everyone about her support of Spirit and Hopefield.

Love my compassionate girlie.


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