Monday 22 May 2017

How much fun!?!?!?

So this weekend, whilst Lee was away up in Colchester undertaking his FA Level 2 football coaching course, I took the kids over to the Aquapark in the Wakeboard lake at Festival Leisure, Basildon.
Once we were all wet suit and life jacket'd up, it was time to get cold!
  We were there with a youth group that Alex attends, so we had the whole structure to ourselves!
I just had to get in on the act too and it was just sooooo much fun, albeit a tad hard for us older ones to climb back on after falling off!
Minimum age is 8 years and the requirement is to be able to swim 50m, so even Cassandra had a brilliant time (once she got enough courage to swim over to it)!

Both Alexander and Nicholas were in the elements...
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - although, maybe more so in the summer when the lake is warmer!


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