Sunday 7 May 2017

Help! There's a teenager in my house!

So my darling first born turned into one of those hormonal, yucky, smelly, gobby teenager's last Thursday.  Well, he's that already, but he actually made the grade of 13!

 Now taller than both Lee and I, he was much appreciative of his new tablet and the chocolate cake!

We always do something all together as a family to celebrate the kids birthdays and this year was a huge surprise that I'd managed to keep from all of them...
I had tickets to Star Wars Identities up at the O2!!

Alex was in his total element..
All the way round you had to create an "identity" - you could choose your race, influences etc etc and at the end the Emperor asks if you will come over the the dark side... As was expected, my Sith Lord accepted!

One of Alex's main gifts this year was a falconry experience with a local co. called Kings Falconry.
Not sure Alex was that impressed with having to prep up the food for the birds, but hey ho.. needs must..

From Owls to Hawks

To a Peregrine Falcon.

He got to learn about them all, how to feed them, how to make them fly to him and all under the watchful eye of the owner of the co. Phil (who also let me take loads of photos)!

He had such a brilliant time...

Happy happy birthday Alexander x


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