Monday 23 January 2017

Whitechapel - 1888

So I've wanted to do the "Jack the Ripper" walk up in London for ages and on Saturday Lee and I finally got there and it was brilliant!
Five infamous women..
*Mary Nichols, murdered on 31st August 1888.
*Annie Chapman, murdered on 8th September 1888.
*Elizabeth Stride, murdered on 30th September 1888.
*Catherine Eddowes, also murdered on 30th September 1888.
*Mary Kelly, murdered on 9th November 1888.
Our guide, a guy called Johnny was totally the part, all dressed up and that and he was so knowledgable about the murders it was a bit concerning to be honest!
Jack the Ripper was originally named "Leather Apron" due to his work on his victims..

There are many companies that offer tours, but we went with one that used a mobile projector so that in certain places, you could see what the area used to look like!

This is the actual doorway in Goulston Street where the murderer left his only clue - a piece of apron from one of his victims - Now the "Happy Days Fish & Chip" Shop!
Was a BRILLIANT evening out, can thoroughly recommend it!


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