Saturday 24 December 2016

Hunt the reindeer..

The Leigh Ramblers football team that Lee manages and coaches completely changed this year.  A number of players left for various reasons (none to do with Lee) but it was great as there is now a lovely group of lads with wonderful 'team spirited parents'.  Makes things far less stressful for an already stressy boss!
One of the team is a lad called Samuel who Nicholas gets on REALLY well with and as a family, we're getting to know his family better too.

So the other week, just before Christmas we all met up over at Wat Tyler Country Park for various activities which included a reindeer hunt for the girls - Samuel's got a little sister who's 6 called Lilly and her and Cassandra get on really well.

It was then back to Matt and Carly's for some tea and a natter.  Before we realised it is was getting late and home beckoned.

Will definitely have to do it again next year!


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