Saturday 22 November 2014


After a good few years of teh kids (well, mainly Alex) asking if we could have a kitten, Lee and I finally gave in and went to a couple of Cats Protection re-homing days.  
We weren't lucky enough to find our little addition, but after a few phone calls to Basildon branch, we ventured over to Romford the other weekend to see a fosterer.
 She had about 8 kittens we could choose from and whilst we were originally only going for one cat - namely a little boy called Alfie, the family decision was made to go for the sisters - Adele and Luli.
 Re-named Toys and Elsa (wonder who named that one - not) they are darling little things..
Although very mischievous, these little girls have settled in very well and are very playful. The kids have on the whole been very good with them too.

Happy days x


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Sharon, thank you for giving a loving home to these little divas, specially Luli she was quiet a character .I am so happy now I was so sad and worried wondering what has become to all of them ,I was their foster mum when they were just one week old. I left a message for you on your Facebook page ,with some pictures ( please see other folder) .I hope they have long a happy lives.