Sunday 30 November 2014

Brick 2014!!!

Having 3, no, 4 kids in my house that love lego, at trip to BRICK 2014 just HAD to be done this year...
So after booking tickets for the Saturday and ensuring Lee was NOT going to be taking football, off we all set to Excel in London...
For those that have no idea what I'm going on about, BRICK is the yearly exhibition, dedicated solely to all things small and plastic... Lego!!!!
First stop when we got in was the "shop", although I was very disappointed in that I could get nearly all of the Lego sets there cheaper on line..  Lee thought the visit was worth it though, as Darth Vada had been built, complete with light sabre!

Having got to the venue suitably early, meant that we were through the doors quite quickly whcih meant that the pits full of lego bricks were comparativey empty to start with!
They got rather full as the day went on!
 Even Lee and I got in on the fun!
The boys LOVED the creative minecraft area wehre they got to build with new minecraft lego.  This is where all the new Minecraft lego sets were being showcased, so I can just guess what will be on Nicholas' birthday list!
Heart radio were one of the sponsors so Alex got to be a DJ for a time and he absolutly LOVED that experience..  

 There were so many areas to just sit and build, make creations it was great..
The fan base area was one of the hightlights - a huge area devoted to what lego fans had built... some amazing cerations were on show..

 Sharp eyed Alex saw that some guy had made the the Souting symbol!
 All things must end, and we had a great day even getting to meet BRICK's mascot :)


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