Wednesday 25 June 2014

Sports Day

I worked out today I have another 2 years of ALL DAY sports days as I have Cassandra in lower school which is in the morning and the boys in upper school which is in the afternoon......

So, Key Stage 1 was up first and my girlie did me proud!
 She was streaks ahead in the hurdles..
 Her newly acquired football skills paid off..
And she won her relay race!
Blenheim doesn't actively encourage competitiveness (unless they are outside of school and taking in part in Borough Sports, Cricket Festivals, Swimming Galas etc etc and then they only want the best kids - but that's a conversation for another time) and Cassandra was part of the Green Team.  They didn't win this year, but for her first Sports Day, she did brilliantly and had great fun.
In Key Stage 2, Nicholas however took things a little more seriously and had the ache even before the event started that he was in the Blue Team with lots of "non-sporty" children (that wasn't quite what he said, but that's what it boiled down to)!!!  He himself did brilliantly in hurdles...
  Smashed the tennis event..
I had no doubt that he'd win the football dribbling event for his team...
And won the relay race too!  Blue Team didn't win, but they all tried hard.
I spent the entire afternoon running backwards and forwards from one side of the field to the other to watch both the boys in their respective events.  Thank the Lord for Mum who was also watching them!
Alexander, although not being a "sporty child" tried really hard and held his own in the Yellow Team, although didn't enjoy the assault course event much as he wasn't allowed to wear his glasses and couldn't really see what he was doing :(
 With his long legs he flew over the hurdles and did well in the relay races too.
YELLOW TEAM won KS2 event, so that was one saving grace for my eldest :)

I felt dreadful when I got home, too much sun with no hat on, not enough water drunk, lack of caffeine and too much running around on my part that I felt like I'd taken part in the event, not just the kids!!!

Still, on-wards and upwards, Swim Galas are next week........!


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Super photos....I can feel some scrapping coming on!!!!!!!!! LOL