Wednesday 4 June 2014

Little Fish!!!!!

Nicholas did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was a big day in more ways than one.  Firstly I was sitting my current OU module exam in Chelmsford, but more importantly Nicholas was swimming at Garons as part of Team Blenheim in the inter-schools swim gala.

I was truly gutted that I couldn't be there to cheer my boy on, however Nannie went along to support him and a few of my friends that were also in attendance encouraged him too.  It all paid off as not only did Nicholas come 2nd in his front crawl race, he was part of the two relay teams that won.  So he was rattling with medals when he came out of school today!!

Not only that but.... TEAM BLENHEIM won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  promoted to division 1 next year..

Another proud mummy moment x


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