Saturday 26 April 2014

Getting a big girl...

My darling girl turned 5 on Wednesday.... how did that happen!?!?!?
The thing she most wanted above everything else was an Elsa dress from the Disney film Frozen.  Now there is a story behind this saga in that my sister in law was going to get this for her, but after weeks of searching, I got involved and the assistance of others after I posted my plea on facebook was overwhelming. Apparently, due the huge popularity of the film, there are just none to be had anywhere in the country...  Lisa then went for Anna's dress which is stunning and I started bidding on one on Ebay - putting in a silly price just to secure it.... and win it I did.  Which was great, although a friend of mine who had seen my plight managed to get hold of the LAST one in Smyths the weekend we were in Butlins.  So instead of none, I had two!!! LOL! Am just going to re-list it!

Nannie came to collect Cassandra from school and amongst other gifts bought Cassandra her first "onesie"!!!
 A HUGE hit :)
Nana & Grandad then came over for a cuppa and a slice of chocolate cake - which is a must when you turn 5 apparently.....

Happy birthday my gorgeous little lady.  Love you to the moon and Peppa Pig world and back xx


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