Sunday 13 April 2014

Dancing Queen......

Despite my little lady declaring a month or so ago that she no longer wanted to carry on dancing and that she would much rather start football(!?!??!), she did carry on and this week it all came together for her as she took part in Expressions Theatre Arts annual show at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon.

She had rehearsals every day and Thursday night was the first night where Lee and Barbara went to see her, coming home totally amazed by the show.

I went Friday night, Mum went Saturday afternoon and I sneaked in at the interval of the last show Saturday night.
Cassandra was in two numbers and the finale.  This was her "Modern" outfit
and this was her "Tap" outfit (her favourite).
When I collected her from the stage door after the last show, I presented her with a bouquet of flowers, a balloon, gift and card to congratulate her on such wonderful performances.

It was a great experience, although she has said she doesn't want to do it again :(

Guess I better dig out an arsenal kit of Nicholas' that will fit her for when she starts football training!


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Jackie said...

Super show...Cassie did well!!!!