Sunday 26 January 2014


It's only right that when a lady turns 40 that she should throw a party and my bestest bud Rachel Harkes did just that last night!
Although it's not officially her birthday until next week, she pulled out all the stops and everyone that attended had a great time!
 Rachel and her hubby Iain make a lovely couple (should do, they've been together 20 odd years)!
 Lee doned his best suit and look rather daper I must admit..
 And Michelle let her hair down - lots too!
Rachel has always wanted to jump out of a plane, I have no idea why, there are surely better ways to kill yourself, but no, it's on her bucket list.  So now, not only does she get to do it once, but twice as her family and also her friends all clubbed together and bought her the opportunity to do so...  She was a little surprised by this...
As one of the few sober guests, I was in charge of the buffet (glad it was only a token gesture of nibbles - not)!
And no party is complete without a good ole cup of tea at the end of the evening with Mum (Rachel's Mum, not mine)!
Happy 40th birthday beautiful!


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