Sunday 24 November 2013

All Hallow's Eve...

Halloween this year saw us all (Mum included) over at Barleylands in Billericay for their spooky Halloween party.

Cassandra of course had to be a Witch princess, Nicholas this year chose to be a zombie complete with groan and outstretch arms, Alexander was a Dark wizard, Mum was a witch and I was the bride of darkness (again)!

We arrived a little early as we had pre-booked to had early bird entry and were kept amused by watching other people and chatting about costumes.

I had bought Cassandra a pair of halloween tights and although they didn't quite go with her outfit colour wise, she loved them!

So, the kids had the chance to "trick or treat" around the shops. giving passwords to get some sweets..
we all went on the spooky train (although not really spooky)

They got to hold some owls...

They joined in the disco, played some games, went through the scary tunnel and to top it all off...

They got to hold some really YUCKY creatures!!

Even Cassandra was brave and touched the python..
 I was the bravest though - never again!!!

Thanks to the hubby for the awesome photos!


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