Saturday 19 October 2013

Teacher Training Day

A scheduled teacher training day yesterday allowed a little planning on an "educational" trip up to London.

I had a half price Groupon voucher to go to "Ripleys believe it or not" so that's where we were headed..

 From the world's tallest man
 To the world's heaviest man we saw them all!
 The kids fav bit was the Mission Impossible - Laser race - lots of laser beams all over a room and you had to work your way through without touching them - Cassandra and I did the best!
 An impromptu sighing of Darth Vada excited the kids (and Lee)
 and then it was off to the Science Museum
 I LOVED the space area
 but the kids enjoyed the interactive floor the best...
 Amazing how science can be so interesting to young minds...
Even Cassandra could take part!
An electric shock or two later and it was time to go home.

Everyone did brilliantly walking around London all day - am now planning the next trip!


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