Sunday 22 January 2012

Birthday boy....

I just can't fathom where the time has gone...  Nicholas was 6 last week... how the hell did that happen!?!?!?

I finally gave in and said that Nicholas could have his DS - a year earlier than Alex, but what do you do when the younger one is as good as the older one?!

Nicholas was in stitches over his card...

Love this pic of our two boys...

Nannie of course came over after school with lots of pressies...

And when Lee got home and Uncle Tony & Christine came over after school, a football cake
was in order for the birthday boy!

Saturday morning saw Nana and Grandad bringing over the photo picture they had had done of our little "Gunner" as one of his birthday pressie's along with his BigTrack!

Then, came the much talked about "football party" ...

The Butler family just had to support our "team"

Nicholas got a bit of practice in before everyone turned up...

As did Cassie!

 Everyone knows you have to warm up first..

 And then pick your end..

 With your fellow team mates..

 And try to get dressed...

Nicholas had a fabby afternoon

As did all those that came along and helped him celebrate turning a big 6!

Oh, and don't forget all the food and CAKE!!

Love you loads Nicholas. xx


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