Sunday 11 December 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A few of my friends had, over the last few years told me about the wonderful Winter Wonderland that is created up in Hyde Park, London every Christmas.  So this year, I booked us all tickets to go - Mum too :)

Her and Alex misbehaved before we'd even got on the train, but I told Mum that she'd be on the naughty step if she wasn't good, so she left the kids alone!  LOL!

The first ride everyone wanted to go on was the carousel - which was great (apart from Nicholas climbed on the only bloomin' horse that didn't go up and down, so he then had the hump)...

 And Cassie is in that "I'm not going to smile for any photo at all" phase.

I then took Alex and Cassandra on Santa train for a ride around...

Whilst Lee took Nicholas on the rollercoaster!

The boys thought that Christmas had come early when they saw the House of Sweets stall..

Although at one time, our little elves weren't so merry!

I'd booked for us all to go ice skating and even Cassie gave it a go.  Granted, it wasn't too much of a success, but we all tried it (bar Mum, who was happy to play photographer has no balance at all)!!

A few more rides later including the reindeer one..

And the swings...

We went to Zippo's Circus which EVERYONE loved.

Whilst it was a great day out, it was also a very expensive day out.  So not sure we'd do it again... maybe something different for next year :)


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