Sunday 30 October 2011

Spooky times

Next to Christmas, one of the best events of the year for me has to be Halloween.  I just love all the spookiness and dressing up and trick or treating etc etc.

This year, Alex was "Dr Doom" - complete with mask, and my attempt at a face full of blood.  Nicholas was a dead pirate, again, with blood running down his face!

On Wednesday of half term, Michelle Gray and I took Nathan & Darcy and Alexander & Nicholas to Partyman World of Play in Basildon's halloween party.

Michelle didn't get quite as dressed up as I did, but she made a spooky effort!

Not quite as good as it was last year (not enough sweeties being given out) but the kids all loved it!

Alex was chosen for his dancing and won a fabby set of Moonsand and a one off family pass to Partyman - which Nicholas will obviously benefit from too :)

One extra bonus was the fact that we all got to go and have a game of laser quest - in Partyman's new arena they've just had built.  Now that was fun!


I think everyone had a great time?!!!


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