Friday 15 July 2011

Swim Gala II

Just as Nicholas had his gala on Wednesday, Alexander had his school swimming gala this morning..

I don't think Alex enjoyed it as much as Nicholas did as the school have this policy of not encouraging the children to compete against each other. As such the ones that are good at something, and Alex is a very good swimmer (he should be really, after being at swim school since he was 9 months old) tend to be put in a team with others that are, how shall I say, less able? Consequently, he never wins or comes close... His team, the blue team, came 4th (out of 4).

So when it came to doing a Year 2 boys race, he didn't want to compete, cos he was in a p'd off mood - don't blame him really...

Still, Calum Harkes did fabby by winning

with Nathan Gray a close second.

Well done to eveyone!


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