Friday 8 July 2011

Fish Pedicure

Our local beauty salon has just got the latest craze in - a fish pedicure.

It sounded interesting.... So, I mentioned it to my friend Sam and she was like - oooh I want to do it, so she talked me into it too and off we went.

Clean feet done, then came the hard part of actually putting your feet in the tank of water with the little fishes swimming around.... Sam went first.... I wasn't that brave!

It was a very strange feeling, as soon as you put your feet near the water, all the fish come up and try to attach themselves to them!

The hardest part was actually putting your feet in the water, as the fish were like piranah's - they just all grab on and start nibbling away at the dead skin on your feet.. They don't have any teeth, so it didn't hurt at all.

They even go up your ankles! Didn't quite enjoy the feeling of them between my toes, but it was a very strange experience.

Would I do it again? probably - my feet came out lovely and smooth and after a quick file down of my heels they look good too :)

Thank you Tranquility for getting such a good new treatment in!


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