Monday 4 April 2011

We need a plan of attack...

Alex's Year 2 class went to Mount Fitchit near Stanstead last Friday and I was lucky enough to get picked from the parent volunteers to tag along as a "responsible adult" (something went wrong there, but anyway)....

Alex and I with a Knight!

Their term's topic has obviously been "castle's" and Alex is loving it! he's built a castle at home from junk and in "Knight school" has progressed from a squire to a fully fledged knight! He can also readily tell me about William the Conqueror etc etc. My amazing little man even taught me something the other day - apparently "crenalations" are the square castle looking bits on the top of a castle wall. hummmm...

My group at the top of the tower

Alex exploring a hut within the "Bailey"

Alex was enthralled by the make shift fire..

We had a great day out and Alex was made up I was with him on his school trip. Not sure I'll be invited back again though, as I don't think I was a good "sensible" influence on the kids!!!!!!


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