Saturday 3 September 2016

School Summer Hols - Week 6

So, the final week... Monday was Bank Holiday and we had a BBQ - all cooked by Alexander of course with our good friends Stu & Xuan and their daughter Amanda.
Tuesday saw Alex and Nicholas taking part in and completing their Bikeability Level 3!
Wednesday, courtesy of Mum, we all went over to Rochford to Fantasia's Circus and it was brilliant - some of the performers are amazing...
Alex spent Thursday morning windsurfing with his bud Hayden and in the afternoon, I took all the beasties to Base Jump to bounce off some energy!
Friday was the day all the kids had a check up at the dentist, got a haircut, we picked up Alex's Blazer for school from the Dry cleaners (I've only had 7 weeks to get it done in), got last minute school stuff and then the boys had SOS swimming.  Cassandra doesn't start back until next week, so she and I sat and watched Pirates snuggled on the sofa.

I can honestly say that these holidays (all 7 weeks of them for us) have been the best yet (bar this week, think they really all had had enough of each other).  Who knows, next year may be even better?!


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