Thursday 16 July 2015

Ramblers End of Season "do"

Finally(!) The football season is over!!!!

This year Leigh Ramblers Under 9 Tigers had their presentation as Acres Way Kennels, the home of Freddie.  Sarah & Richard were wonderful hosts and the BBQ, acres of land, full sized football goals and a hot tub made for a fabby day!
 We arrived early so Lee could set up

And once the presentations were all done, it was time to chill or in some cases play!

Bob - Robert's Dad had brought along a load of new water guns that went down very well with the kids!

The Dad's of course couldn't help but get invovled and a rather competitive game of Dad's vs. kids ensued....
Jack, Nicholas and Freddie have been good friends for years now, I hope they stay that way too.


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