Wednesday 31 December 2014

Christmas day!

Santa's been!!!!!
 Alexander was thrilled with his Lego Movie Police drop ship
 Cassandra got her Stompez slippers
And Nicholas got his Orbeez Foot spa that he wanted too.
Then it was on to the sacks of pressies... It was all about Frozen this year for Cassie :)
Alexander loves playing cards and so we bought him a card shuffler!  Nicholas wanted (amongst other things) a body warmer!
Even Lee had been a good boy this year and got his Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer!
Paper angels!  And then.... Nannie came round and it was more presents!!
 incuding Nerf guns..
 Barbie ponies..
 And Bop-it Beats...
Nannie had a sack of pressies too and loved her sweatshirt from the kids!
Tony & Christine came round for tea and then we all gambled our pennies playing cards for the evening.

Another fun Christmas day - roll on tomorrow, when we can do it all over again with the in-laws!


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