Wednesday 2 July 2014

Swim Gala - round 2

Today, for Alexander's swim gala I was more organised... I remembered my hat (as I was sooo hot and had a such a headache from sitting in the sun all afternoon yesterday) and arrived up at school earlier than than yesterday, so was all ready and waiting - and not rushing!
Alexander is not quite so happy-to-go-with-stuff as Nicholas is, and has always thought school swim gala is a waste of time as 'cos he can swim, he gets put in a team with others that can't swim as well as he can.  Consequently, his team, despite the big lead he can get them, always looses.
 Today was unfortunately, no different...
 As Alex is now in Yr5, they did however do the fun races a little better...
Saying that, all Alex really wanted to do was get through to the final of the boys race and beat this boy called Toby, who has been teasing Alex that he's the better swimmer....
Alex did get through to the final but he didn't manage to beat Toby.  Alex did however come a fabby 4th place in the race and did brilliantly.

So much so that it's spurred him on and he wants to try out for Garons swim club which is where a couple of his friends currently train.  Wont do him any harm and will even build up his stamina.

Very very well done young man.  Very proud of you!


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