Monday 2 December 2013

Jingle bells, jingle bells....

I love taking the kids to see Father Christma and try to do something different each year too - this year we all went off to Marsh Farm to take part in their special Christmas day.

Lee and Nicholas had a football match that much to my frustration didn't kick off until 12.30pm so Mum and I took Alexander and Cassandra over early and Lee followed after the match.  I do like elves... Boris was his name!
Part of the package was to "build a bear" Cassandra chose a dog and Alex a proper bear and they were lovely.
A visit to the Elf factory saw the two of them painting Christmas decorations..
Jimbo, the guy that owns Partyman World of Play, has recently bought Marsh Farm and his pouring money in and upgrading the site, the new go-karts went down very well!
 We were at the farm, so had to feed the animals!
 A trip to Mother Christmas' kitchen was also on the agenda to decorate some gingerbread men..

 When Nicholas and Lee arrived, we had to go round again!

Nicholas was actually the only one who ate his little man!
 It was a tad cold (to say the least) and Lee had forgotten his hat - so "tried" to nick Mum's scarf!!
 Waiting with the conductor for the Santa Express..
 Such lovely elves...
 Meeting the big man himself - Cassandra would like a pink shiny car please..
 Nicholas would like a large Minion please...
Alexander would like some lego and a digital watch please.



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