Monday 18 February 2013

Strictly Come Dancing

Mum has always been a HUGE fan of the TV programme Strictly come dancing - so when the opportunity arose to go and see Bad Boy - Brendon Cole's "Licence to Thrill" dancing show at the Cliffs Pavilion, I grabbed the chance and bought Mum tickets for her birthday!

It was absolutely amazing - the dancing was full of energy and the costumes were stunning.

An unusual question and answer session in the middle was brilliant - mainly due to the fact that my question got picked to be read out.  Think that may of been due to my cheeky second part which complimented him on his tight bum and where I asked for a feel!  Mr Cole readily obliged and Mum got it all on camera!!!

Mum and I played groupies after the show which was worthwhile as not only did the man himself sign my programme, but Mum got this brill pic!!!

Happy birthday Mum!!


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Jackie said...

Knew this would be up quick!!!!!