Sunday 2 December 2012

23 sleeps 'til Santa...

We always put our Christmas decorations up the first weekend in December, however this year I was a little worried that this wouldn't happen as Saturday morning, Lee and Nicholas had football training, then they came home and the 3 boys went off up to the Emirates stadium to watch Arsenal loose 2-0 to Swansea.  They didn't get back until late and then Lee and I went out to dinner.

So then it got to Sunday and Nicholas had a football match in the morning, then Liam (the boys tutor) came round for an hour or so, we had dinner and then Lee finally managed to get the decs down from the loft.  

However, we then went off to the Fun Factory to meet up with some good friends and again, didn't get back until late.   
The kids were desperate to put up the decs though and to be honest, so was I, so we managed to get the tree up and our 3 little people had great fun decorating it with baubles and any dec's that they had made over  the various years..
Many of my friends don't let their kids decorate the tree.  It has to be evenly balanced, colour co-ordinated etc etc, but I don't agree.  There is no other time during the year that family is more important than Christmas and our family will always have the tradition of decorating the tree together...
 They were very proud of their efforts this year..
We even have some pressies already to put underneath it courtesy of Stu, Xuan and Amanda!


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reneabouquets said...

I just love the Holidays with my family, and your tree turned out beautiful! Thank you for your sweet comments on my Scraps of Elegance projects and for hopping along with us~ Renea