Monday 8 October 2012

Center Parcs!

Well, despite being very naughty and taking my 3 kids out of school during term time, we spent a very enjoyable week at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest last week.

The car was well and truly loaded up, the boys bikes and all...
Lee and I hired ours there and also a trailer for Cassandra - so that's all 3 kids Lee has chauffered around!
The first activity for us was Cassandra's horse ride through the woods - at 3 she was just old enough to take part and she LOVED it!  Her horse's name was Bubbles and she had a great time being led through the trees for 20 mins or so...
Having been to Center Parcs before, we kind of knew our way around and found the best outdoor play areas quite quickly..
One of the best activities was of course the "sub tropical swimming paradise" and on one of the days we spent 3½ hours in there - wrinkled prunes wasn't in it!

By the end of the week, even Cassandra was brave enough to go down the slides (although she got quite miffed when told she wasn't allowed down the rapids) and couldn't go on them enough - even on her own!

On one of the mornings all the boys went off to "Spy School" which they loved - running around the complex finding clues and being a spy!

My favourite activity had to have been taking the boys sailing!

 Although Cassie got all wet suited up, she didn't want to actually get on the boat, so she stayed on dry land with Lee whilst I took each of the boys out in turn...
Nicholas was very good at steering and really got to grips with turning the rudder one way to go the other!

Alex just loved it - even more so as it will count as his 2nd activity and can go towards his Cubs scouts Water Activities badge!
Cassandra did brilliantly at her Princesses and Pirates party and even got a goodie bag..

I'd even packed some popcorn and chocolate for a movie night one evening! 

All in all a very enjoyable week!


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