Thursday 19 May 2011

Harry Potter

Well, the preparations took weeks and weeks - but it was all worth it!

I'm in the middle of creating another blog, dedicated entirely to the HP party and will post the link here and on Facebook, but in the meantime a quick synopsis:

Alexander turned 7 and wanted a wizard (namely Harry Potter) party. So.... 5 guest plus my two = 7 students to Hogwarts. All students were asked to arrive with a broomstick...

During "Orientation" the students visited:

  • Gringott’s Bank
  • Madame Malkin’s Robes for Every Occasion
  • Eeylops Owl Emporium
  • Olivander’s Wands

Classes came next, the first being Divination and being taught by Professor Trelawney (AKA Mum) and boy did she look the part!

Potions Class

Spells, Incantations and Charms Class

Defence against the Dark Arts Class

Quidditch training

Considering I'd gone with the standard 2 hour party, it was a good job all the kids were staying for a sleep over as events seriously over ran so we never did two of the potions in potions class or Care of Magical Creatures class! I just about remembered to order pizza for supper!

When a child tells you that it's the best party he's ever been to - it makes all the hard work worth while...


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