Saturday 5 March 2011

Dinosaur - raarrr!!!

At half term, whilst Cassie was in nursery, Lee and I took the boys to "Dinosaurs Unleashed" up at the O2 in London.

It was AWESOME!!!

Whilst most of the photos didn't come out too well due to the lighting, the ones we got show just how HUGE these creatures were...

There were lots of interactive things for the boys to get involved with from computer quizes, fossil digging, and huge jigsaws...

My favourite has always been Steggy, Alex liked T-Rex (he would - the biggest and most fierce of them all) and Nicholas liked one that I can't even pronounce it's name!

Lee, being the big kid that he is, could name every single one and pronounce them all too... Apparently it's a "boy thing"?!?!


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