Friday 8 October 2010

Our brave little man...

At the beginning of October, Alexander got his appointment through to go and have surgery on his ears.

He'd been having quite a lot of ear ache's and that for quite a while so after numerous appointments he finally got to have grommets put into both his ears.

He was SO brave, when the nurse came to put some cold cream stuff on his hard to numb it, and when he was being wheeled down to theatre, he was saying how much of an adventure it was.

Even when he was hooked up to all the machines that monitor him he was okay. It was me that had the wobbles..

I spent an anxious 45 mins in the cafe and bombed down to post-op when they called me. Alex was a little groggy and tearful, but slept for a bit and recovered quickly.

His hearing has def. improved and he's a changed person. It's like I've got my scrummy little boy back again - all cos of a wee bit of plastic in his ears!

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