Wednesday 28 October 2009

Hallow's Eve will soon upon us

I love Halloween and for the past few years have held a Halloween party for the boys and their friends at home.

This year however I decided that someone else could host the party but lo and behold Monkey Bizz, our local indoor soft play area have come up trumps in that for a small fee they are holding a fabby sounding party for all the kids including food, trick and treat, games and a fancy dress competition, so that's where we're off to on Friday evening. Alex is going as a Spider's Web and Nicholas is a Skeleton this year. As for me I'll be doning my hat and stripey tights and going as a witch (highly original I know, but it's really for the kids)!

That leaves Hallow's Eve itself for dressing up and taking both boys out trick or treating around the neighbours. Cassie will be staying in with Daddy to open the door in her pumpkin outfit to anyone that wants some treats from us - I've got the goodies in already!

All that really leaves if for lee and the boys to carve the pumpkin.....

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